I’m an Inuit artist residing in Ottawa. Art is how I connect with others within my culture, showcase my Inuit culture to others, and express my biracial identity. Although I make Inuit art for Inuit, I welcome support from non-indigenous persons. None of what you can buy here would be considered cultural appropriation! 
Although I am new to the art world, I come from a family of artists. I’m named after my ningiuk (gramma) Victoria Mamnguqsualuk and my grandpa’s brother Uyagaqi. I use my Inuktitut name in my art because Uyagaqi was a strong willed person with a formidable work ethic.
I am influenced by my grandmother’s and her mother’s art, Jessie Oonark. Like Oonark, strong women make appearances in my art. I am also interested in putting a modern take on traditional Inuit imagery.
Thank you everyone for your interest and support. Thanks for making my art dreams come true!